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Barnes & Brown

Barnes & Brown “Lady Juniper” Gin Inspired Non-Alcoholic Spirit

Barnes & Brown “Lady Juniper” Gin Inspired Non-Alcoholic Spirit

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Barnes & Brown “Lady Juniper” Gin Inspired Zero Alc Spirit 700ml

This beverage captures the real essence of the classic gin, with aromas of orange blossom, lime, jasmine, and juniper. Its earthy notes that fill the mid-palate, and a generous warm pepper berry dry finish makes it ideal for any gin recipe. Create your favourite drinks using premium tonic or soda for a classic G&T or turn it into a Dry Collins, Martini, or any other gin-based cocktail.

ABOUT BARNES & BROWN Handcrafted and blended in Australia, our range speaks to individuals looking for a healthier and more enjoyable way to relax and unwind. With Australia being synonymous for its long summer days and innovative beverage industry Barnes & Brown was created due to a demand for ready to drink non-alcoholic beverages specially created for the consumer that enjoys a quality experience.

Crafted to taste just like the classic yet alcohol-free, Barnes and Brown offer an exciting range of iconic nonalcoholic spirits to the world. Whether you love whiskey, vodka or creating non-alcoholic versions of your favourite cocktails, Barnes & Brown is proud to offer an experience like no other. Produced in Australia and distributed globally, Barnes and Brown's stable of classic non-alcoholic spirits offer a truly exhilarating opportunity for those with their finger on the pulse of the international beverage market.

SOLD AS: 1 x 700ml

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