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Smug AF

Smug AF Non Alcoholic Cosmopolitan

Smug AF Non Alcoholic Cosmopolitan

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Smug AF Non Alcoholic Cosmopolitan - Bringing the Sex and the City vibes to your Friday night, but also your Saturday morning.  Smug's Virgin Cosmos are nitrogen dosed, so shake these bad boys, just like the Margaritas. This ignites the drink and gives you a smooth creamy consistency.   

About SmugAF: Jo & Loz are two friends that wanted to create a drink that didn't sacrifice, a drink we'd be proud to cheers and hold in the air on the dance floor. A drink that reminded us of the drinks we used to love - but without the hangover & regret!  So Smug was born with the commitment to replicate our favourite cocktails. Refreshing, complex and so like the real thing you’ll be questioning if you really can drive home after a couple.

SOLD AS: 4 x 250ml

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