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Smug AF

Smug AF Non Alcoholic Peach Bellini

Smug AF Non Alcoholic Peach Bellini

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Smug AF Non Alcoholic Peach Bellini - Made with real peach puree and non-alcoholic bubbles, this one is set to be your next celebration drink. Guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser, Smug Bellini will blow your mind with its resemblance to the real thing.  4 x 250ml Pack

About SmugAF: Jo & Loz are two friends that wanted to create a drink that didn't sacrifice, a drink we'd be proud to cheers and hold in the air on the dance floor. A drink that reminded us of the drinks we used to love - but without the hangover & regret!  So Smug was born with the commitment to replicate our favourite cocktails. Refreshing, complex and so like the real thing you’ll be questioning if you really can drive home after a couple.

SOLD AS: 4 x 250ml

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