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Pash Beer

Pash. Easy Ale - Non-Alcoholic Beer

Pash. Easy Ale - Non-Alcoholic Beer

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Pash. Easy Ale <0.5%

Pash is more than just a non-alcoholic beer; it's a symbol of defiance, authenticity, and embracing one's true self. Inspired by the concept of finding your passion (or Pash), Pash encourages individuals to unapologetically celebrate their choice not to drink while enjoying an outstanding beer that complements their vibrant lifestyle.

Founded by Matt Agnew – an astrophysicist, author, and former reality TV star – turned to sobriety in 2020 for mental health reasons: Matt found solace in sobriety, and Pash is on a mission to empower individuals to make bold choices for their health without compromising on taste or social experiences.

Breaking free from traditional masculinity, which defines both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer segments, Pash looks and feels nothing like your typical beer, and the taste matches the image.  Pash is an easy ale with a clean, crisp taste. Crafted with the meticulous attention to detail you’d expect from an astrophysicist, Pash boasts a flavour profile that satisfies even the most discerning palates. Whether sipped at a lively gathering, enjoyed during a relaxing evening at home, or paired with a scrumptious meal, Pash invites individuals to revel in their sobriety with every sip.

A crisp, clean, easy drinking ale - Pash was developed to be attractive to all palates and not just the stereotypical beer drinking Australian man. A gentle passion fruit aroma is followed with a low bitterness, full flavoured, and smooth flavour profile.

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