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Dayse Easing Ginger Non-Alcoholic Functional Spritz

Dayse Easing Ginger Non-Alcoholic Functional Spritz

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Ginger with smooth, light notes of vanilla whisky. Facilitate your sense of inner calm. EASING is a non-alcoholic & non-caffeine beverage delicately infused with adaptogens & nootropics to aid in calming your mind & regulating stress levels.



Carbonated water, Organic Agave Syrup*, Natural flavours, Citric Acid, Ginger Extract, Passionflower Extract, L-Theanine, Turmeric extract.

About Dayse:

We have noticed that people are drinking a lot less alcohol, including ourselves, and a lot of our friends and family. We wanted to create something premium, that tasted great and had the ability to give your body & mind subtle effects. This is when we discovered adaptogens & nootropics, and their ability to positively effect your body's functionality, whether that be giving you boosts of energy, or calming you down.

We are seeing strong demand for non-alc drinks, but we also know that consumers are going to start searching for an effect to be associated with their non-alcoholic drinks. That's the simple mission behind Dayse, giving our consumer a premium option for drinking that offers a desired subtle effect, without the regrets that often are associated with booze.

Sold As: 4x 330ml

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