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Beneficial Beer Co

Beneficial Beer Co Stone Cold Lager - Non-Alcoholic Beer

Beneficial Beer Co Stone Cold Lager - Non-Alcoholic Beer

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Beneficial Beer Co Stone Cold Lager <0.5%

If there’s a non-alcohol lager to be tasted, this is the one. “A classic all malt non-alc lager exhibiting traditional malt & estery yeast character as well as some subtle noble hop character. Lowish body balanced with soft bitterness. Highly drinkable & beery” - Bruce Peachey, BBCo Head Brewer.

Beneficial Beer Co’s Stone Cold Lager is actually made as a mid-strength, full-bodied lager brewed the traditional way with the alcohol removed via reverse osmosis filtration to make it a 0.5% non-alc. Produced using a tried and tested traditional brewing process under Brice Peachey's guidance, BBCo’s Stone Cold Lager has all the ingredients you’d expect - barley grain, water, hops and yeast. The alcohol is then removed via a unique exclusive to BBCo reverse osmosis filtration system. The Australian-made reverse osmosis machine removes the alcohol while leaving all the flavours and esters you would expect from a mid-strength Lager. The result? A familiar full-flavoured Aussie-style lager without the booze.

SOLD AS: 4 x 375ml

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