Keeping Mum x The Zero Club

Keeping Mum x The Zero Club

We joined Keeping Mum at their Mother's Group Sessions across Brisbane for a special non-alcoholic drink tasting!

We were so grateful to Keeping Mum for opening up their Mothers Group sessions to us at The Zero Club, and allowing us to run a tasting of our favourite non alcoholic drinks with their mums across Virginia, Chandler, Coopooroo and Annerley!

Keeping Mum's unique mothers groups are all about:

  • Keeping Mum thriving and connected

  • Making forever friends over 10 weeks, 4 times per year

  • Flexibility to join for just one term or all four for the full mat leave experience

  • Engaging and brand new topics all year round

  • Welcoming first, second and third-time mums

  • Involving your baby, toddler or both

  • Balancing interactive sessions for mum, with play-based activities for the little ones

As a new parents, your relationship with alcohol may have changed - and that's ok!

We all know that alcohol consumption during pregnancy can lead to a range of complications, however often your relationship with alcohol changes completely once you have a little one to think about! You may be breastfeeding, not socialising as often or in different ways, or just not want the hangover when the kids wake you up at 5am the next morning! 

We became passionate about finding the best quality Zero alcohol alternatives after Loz fell pregnant. 

Previously only having the option of sugary soft drinks we began sampling a wider selection of the supermarket non-alcoholic range but were disappointed with the range. It was from here that the idea of The Zero Club was born! 

Supporting parents in their alcohol-free journey

At The Zero Club, we understand and support the choices made by parents to reduce alcohol. We believe in providing a range of options that cater to everyones tastes! We want to ensure people can enjoy social gatherings and events without feeling left out or compromising their commitment to an alcohol-free lifestyle. 

Check our our range of non-alcoholic alternatives now to find your new favourite drink!

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